03/06/2014 - 23:00
Amed (Diyarbakir) against shale gas extraction!

The Mesopotamia Ecology Movement is organising a panel on June 7 aimed at raising awareness against the extraction of shale gas in Kurdistan. It is also organises a cycling activity against the building of Hydroelectric dams on 7-8 June.

The work for the extraction of shale gas, which will lead to the destruction of nature in Kurdistan is continuing in Amed. It is reported that British company Shell has completed the digging of the Saribugday well in the Silvan district of Amed and is expected to start extracting gas next month.

The panel will be attended by HDP Executive Committee member Prof. Dr. Beyza Ustun, Metallurgy Engineers Chamber's Public Health and Ecology Commission member Cemalettin Kucuk, and HDK Ecology Commission member Yusuf Gursucu as keynote speakers. The panel will be moderated by Erdal Basak., following the screening of the documentary "Gasland".

The Mesopotamia Ecology Movement has issued a statement about the panel in Silvan and called for awareness against the extraction of shale gas that will contaminate the underground water sources, devitalize the field around the wells, destroy agriculture and animal breeding and make Amed more vulnerable to earthquakes.

"We call on everybody to struggle against the extraction of shale gas that threatens the Kurdistan region" says the statement, underlining that the biggest responsibility about the issue lies with non-governmental organisations.

The statement added that Silvan and Hani will be mostly affected by the extraction of  shale gas, and said that similar panels will be organised with the participation of the co-mayors of Hani and Silvan as well as the representatives of the villages.

The Ecology Movement has also stressed that the democratic struggle and civil disobedience actions against the extraction of the gas should  begin in Hani and Silvan.

"The responsibility to stop it lies with everyone, and everyone has to take action against it" says the statement, and continues: "We will work to create public awareness about the damages that shale gas causes. We will organise information sessions in the villages that will be most affected by the destruction that it creates".

Meanwhile, the Ecology Movement is organising a mass cycle against the Hydroelectric dams on 7-8 June between Hantepe and Basakli villages. The participants will camp in the area around Ongozlu bridge. The participants of the panel in Silvan will also join the activity to inform the other participants about the damages of  shale gas. The camp will continue with talks on ecology and small concerts and ends on 8 June.

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