17/06/2014 - 23:00
Al-Nusra deproscribed by Turkey!

The AKP government has removed the Al Qaeda-affiliated Jabhat al-Nusrah (Al Nusra Front), which it has openly encouraged and supported in its attacks on the gains of the Kurds in Rojava, from its list of banned 'terror organisations'.

In this way the AKP has abandoned its support for the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS), to which it lent support for a time, and has once again embraced Al Nusra.

In today's Official Gazette there is a decision from the Council of Ministers removing Al Nusra and affiliated organisations from the 'terror list'.
The decision to remove Al Nusra from the banned list was taken at a meeting on 16 June.

In an updated list appended to the decision there is no mention of the Al-Nusra Front, Jabhat al-Nusra or The Victory Front. The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) retains its place at the bottom of the list, the same as in the previous list.

The AKP government has thereby severed its links with ISIS following the organisation's capture of the Turkish Consulate in Mosul and its taking of consulate staff as hostage, and has once again embraced Al Nusra.

The Al Nusra and ISIS gangs are two groups well known to the Kurds for being opposed to their national interests. Immediately following the Kurds' revolution in Rojava, Al Nusra launched attacks on the region, before being forced to retreat after suffering heavy losses at the hands of YPG-YPJ forces. The AKP not only provided Al Nusra with military and logistic support, it also turned a blind eye to Al Nusra taking heavy weapons such as tanks through the border at Serekaniye. Following Al Nusra's withdrawal, ISIS took their place, carrying out many massacres of Kurdish civilians. ISIS, too, suffered serious setbacks in battles with YPG-YPJ forces in the last 2 years, with its aim of establishing an Islamic state in Rojava being thwarted. The Turkish state and the AKP government supported ISIS gangs in return for attacks on the Kurds, but with the developments in Mosul ISIS has turned against its sponsor.

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