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AKP Intensify Bombardment of Sur Ahead of Planned March to Break Siege

2 March 2015

ANF - Amed

The governor of Kurdish capital Amed (Diyarbakir) has banned entrances to the central Sur district before the mass march planned for today afternoon to break the siege that has been ongoing for 3 months.

According to a related statement by the Governor's Office, entrances to the district have been banned as of 12:00 today noon until further notice. Only residents of the neighbourhoods will be allowed access to the district.

Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) Co-President Selahattin Demirtaş, Democratic Regions Party (DBP) Co-President Kamuran Yüksek, Peoples' Democratic Congress (HDK) Co-Spokesperson Gülistan Kılıç Koçyiğit, and Democratic Society Congress (DTK) Co-Presidents Hatip Dicle and Selma Irmak issued a statement 2 days ago, calling upon all the residents of Amed province and its districts to join the mass march to Sur Wednesday afternoon.

Meanwhile, onslaughts by Turkish military and police forces continues in Amed's central Sur district where a state of siege remains in force for 92 uninterrupted days.

State forces are conducting intense artillery strikes against the civilian areas from the location of the Dört Ayakli Minaret since early this morning.

The aggression on the district has intensified before today's mass march from Amed province and its districts at 16:00 in the afternoon.

In the meantime, the Governor has banned entrances to the district from 12:00 today noon until  further notice. Only residents of the neighbourhood will be allowed access to the district.

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