08/06/2014 - 23:00
Abdullah Ocalan: "The ceasefire must be respected!"

The HDP delegation that visited PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan in Imrali Island has returned. On its return, the delegation issued a written statement on what Abdullah Ocalan told them.

Below is the full statement issued by the returning HDP delegation:

"Mr. Ocalan sent his condolences to the families of Ramazan Baran and Baki Akdemir who lost their lives in Lice. Mr. Ocalan said 'I hope that these will be the last losses of life in our struggle for democracy and freedom'. Regarding the [peace] process, Mr. Ocalan had these to say: 'My hope and concentration on the progression of the process is continuing at its previous intensity. In our last meeting, I had called upon both sides to refrain from actions that could harm the process. I renew this call and also call upon both sides to respect the conditions of the ceasefire. The latest incidents are straining the process. This is a major concern. We have to show a common decisiveness and will for peace to overcome these strains. I had said before that the level attained was worth getting hopeful. Currently, I am observing certain changes that signal the beginning of a transformation. We are still at a historical conjuncture. I believe we will be successful. However, in order to succeed, I am certain that it is time for the meetings conducted here in Imrali Island to be made transparent and open to the public. If this happens, then the process will not be vulnerable to speculation, and everyone will see that the process is one of democratisation for the whole country. I must make a special warning; we have never, nor will we ever, degrade the symbols of any nation. I call upon both sides to carefully investigate the latest flag provocation; that which I believe was aimed at provoking the people of Turkey against us. Everyone must know that these provocations are aimed at criminalising our ambition of forming a joint future of our peoples. I once again send my regards to all those working for a peaceful and democratic solution. I want to renew my call to everyone to carefully preserve and protect the ceasefire and the hope for a peaceful and democratic solution.'"

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