23/06/2014 - 23:00
Abdullah Ocalan on Belfast Peace Wall

A poster of Abdullah Ocalan has been painted on the Peace Wall in Belfast.

The Peace Wall is a project run by Internacia Kolektivo to raise awareness for the freedom struggles of peoples and their leaders. The painting on the wall contains a large portrait of PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan, along with a quote from the message he had sent to the Newroz Celebrations in Diyarbakir from his prison cell: "Peace is more difficult than war. We were not scared as we resisted. We will not be scared when we make peace." The Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Ocalan is introduced as "A revolutionary prisoner in solitary confinement since Feb 1999". The Internacia Kolektivo based in belfast has announced it will actively take part in the "Freedom for Ocalan" campaign.

From Mandela to Ocalan...

The "Peace Wall" was constructed in 1998. Since then, Nelson Mandela, Che Guevara, Palestinian children, those that lost their lives during the hunger strikes in Ireland and pictures from all oppressed peoples have been painted on the wall. The latest addition being PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan. The wall has become a symbol of Belfast and attracts many visitors from around the World.

Internacia Kolektiva has organised a press conference in front of the painting on the 7th of July. After the conference, Internacia Kolektiva will write a letter to the Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Ocalan along with a picture of the wall and the painting.

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