26/06/2014 - 23:00
Abdullah Ocalan: "Legislation historical"

On their return from Imrali Island, the HDP delegation issued a written statement written by the Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Ocalan regarding the draft bill brought by the AKP government to parliament yesterday.

Ocalan's statement is as follows:

"I find it very meaningful that this historically significant process will from now on be furthered within a legal framework. The new proposed legislation is an indication that the state is seeking to solve its problems with the parts of society it has traditionally had conflicts with through dialogue and negotiation rather than conflict and war. In this sense it is historical. During the process of the passing of this bill, I call upon all parts of society to support and contribute to the debate; and I call on the government to listen to and take note of societies contributions. With the passing of this law, it is extremely important for all parts of society to work together to ensure further legislative actions be taken to further our democracy and ensure a lasting peace culminating in a constitutional solution that will enhance freedom and democracy in Turkey."

The returning HDP delegation said that Mr. Ocalan had also called on the government to make the necessary legal amendments to ensure that crucially ill political prisoners were freed as soon as possible. Regarding the upcoming presidential elections, Mr. Ocalan said that his stance on this matter was grounded on principle and that he had stated these principles in previous meetings.

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