07/04/2016 - 23:00
8 Civilians From Same Family, Including 2 Year-Old Baby Killed in Silopi

8 April 2016

Kurdish Question

A 2 year-old baby, her grandmother and 6 other people from the same family have been killed in Kurdish town Silopi after state forces bombarded two neighbourhoods.

The 24-hour martial lockdown (curfew) that was recently reinstated in Sirnak’s Silopi district has led to the death of more civilians. Tank shelling by state forces on the Başak and Barbaros neighbourhoods killed 70 year-old Zulfiye Şalk and injured her 2 year-old granddaughter Esra Şalk on 6 April. The baby died in hospital yesterday due to severe wounds.

Civilians’ houses bombarded

State forces’ use of heavy artillery and tank shells also killed 5 other people from the same family within 24 hours of the first attack: 45 year-old Behiye Erener and Isa, Ahmet, Muhyettin and Saadettin Tonguç.

Another child killed

14 year-old Rahime Sanır, who was playing on the balcony of her house in the Başak neighbourhood died after soldiers opened fire, while her brother Murat Sanır (17) was injured. All 8 victims were from the same family.

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