30/06/2014 - 23:00
31 people released from main KCK trial

After the release of Hatip Dicle on Sunday, a further 31 Kurdish politicians were released from prison today after being detained for more than four years as a result of the "KCK operations".

While the prosecutor in the case had demanded for all the detainees to remain detained, the court decided on releasing 31 out of the 32 detainees due to "long detention".

These are the names of the Kurdish politicians who were released today:

Abdullah Bozkoyun, Ahmet Ilan, Ahmet Makat, Ali Simsek, Abbas Celik, Atilla Koca, Burhan Karakoc, Caglar Demirel, Erkan Piskin, Ethem Sahin, Hacı Erdemir, Hasan Huseyin Ebem, Leyla Guven, Mahmut Okan, Mehmet Akin, Mehmet Guzel, Mehmet Nesip Gultekin, Mehmet Salih Yıldız, Mehmet Tari, Mehmet Tas, Mikail Karakus, Nejdet Atalay, Osman Ocaklik, Ramazan Morkoc, Resul Erkaplan, Sara Aktas, Tayyip Temel, Tuncay Korkmaz, Tuncay Ok, Zeynel Mat ve Zulkup Karatekin.

The only person still detained as part of the "KCK trial" is Abdullah Eflatun. However, there are still thousands of Kurdish political prisoners in Turkey's prisons that are not part of the "KCK trials".

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