Academics for Peace read the declaration in January 2016

21/03/2016 - 23:00
1406 Academics from 62 Countries Urge AKP to Stop Witch Hunt

22 March 2016

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Academics around the globe continue showing support for their colleagues targeted by Turkey's Justice and Development Party government and President Erdoğan after they called for peace and an end to the war in Kurdistan.

The joint letter of 1406 academics from 62 countries calls on the AKP government to “stop the witch hunt” against the Academics of Peace.

More than 2 thousand academics, who issued a declaration in January 2016 titled “We will not be a party to this crime” to call an end to the war in Kurdish cities, were targeted by their institutions and prosecutors after instructions by the AKP government and Erdoğan.

Many academics are still under investigation while 4 academics have been arrested and imprisoned.

In the new letter, which is also signed by Noam Chomsky, the academics refer to a previous letter they wrote supporting academic freedom and an end to investigations and state: “The Turkish government did not heed the calls for freedom for the academics and intensified the witch hunt against them.”

The letter also refers to British academic Chris Stephenson, who was deported from Turkey on accusations of 'supporting a terrorist organisation' after a HDP invitation to Newroz was found in his bag.

The letter goes on to, "demand selected representatives from international communities call on the Turkish government to end this witch hunt against the Academics for Peace, release the arrested academics, respect academic freedoms, and reinstate suspended and sacked academics to their positions.”

Among the signatories are Gilbert Achcar, Michael Ash, Etienne Balibar, Korkut Boratav, Martin van Bruinessen, Victoria Chick, Noam Chomsky, James Crotty, Gerald Epstein, Ben Fine, Gerald Friedman, Jayati Ghosh, David Graeber, Geoff Harcourt, Janroj Keles, Marc Lavoie, Katherine Newman, Bertell Ollman, Özlem Onaran, Esra Özyürek, Robert Pollin, Malcolm Sawyer, Lynne Segal, Engelbert Stockhammer, Mehmet Uğur and John Weeks.

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