A house raid in Van targeting Kurdish students in 2014

14/04/2015 - 00:00
12 Detained as Turkish Police Conduct Raids and Terrorise Kurdish Civilians

14 April 2015

ANF - News Desk

12 people have been detained as Turkish police raided houses in Yüksekova, Ceylanpınar and Kızıltepe. It has been reported that there is another list of 30 people to be detained in Ceylanpınar.

Special anti-terror teams accompanied by armoured vehicles raided a number of houses last night in Cumhuriyet, Esentepe and Güngör neighbourhoods of Yüksekova district of Hakkari, detaining at least 7 youths. The number of detainees is expected to increase in the coming hours, while the reason or the detentions was not immediately clear. The youths were taken to district police headquarters following a check up in the hospital.

Semsettin Kına, father of one of the detainees taken from his house in Güngör neighbourhood, said they were assaulted and threatened by the police. Kına told that he warned the police officers because of their insulting words and brutal behaviour while entering house at around 02:00 last night, adding that the police hit him at the wall, assaulted him with the butt end and put a gun into his mouth. Cardiac patient Kına was taken to the Yüksekova state hospital by his family members after the incident.

Anti-terror teams and gendarme launched dawn house raids in Ceylanpınar district of Urfa and villages as well, detaining three youths in the town centre and Mehmet Fırat in the village of Yukarı Doruklu (Humera Jorin). The youths were taken to Urfa police HQ, while it is reported that the police have a list of 30 people more to be detained and are planning to extend the scope of detentions.

Eyewitnesses said the headman (mukhtar) of the Humera Jorin village, Musa Dağtekin, reacted to the police saying that “You are doing this to us because we are HDP members”. Police responded to Dağtekin saying “You are members of the PKK, not HDP”. Dağtekin said the police broke down the door of Hanefi Tekin's house and searched his house in detail although he was not home during the raid.

Police forces also raided a house in the Atatürk neighbourhood of Kızıltepe district of Mardin, detaining Serhat Özel. Özel was taken into custody by police units wearing ski masks and taken to Mardin police headquarters. The reason for the detention is alleged to be his participation in 6-8 October demonstrations in solidarity with Kobanê. 

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