Masked Turkish special force teams with armoured vehicles

06/03/2016 - 23:00
10 People Killed In Kurdish District Idil Carried In Tractor Trailer

7 March 2016

Kurdish Question

Attacks by Turkish state forces continue in Şırnak’s Idil district on the 20th day of the 24-hour martial lockdown and siege.

It has been confirmed that state forces in killed 13 Kurds in the past few days. The corpses of 10 victims killed in the Turgut Özal neighourhood were carried in the trailer of tractor as accompanying armoured vehicles played Turkish nationalist anthems on the way to Idil State hospital.

In a separate incident 3 unidentified people were reported to have been killed between two villages, Dirsekli and Kuyulu, on the outskirts of Idil, with their corpses also being taken to Idil State hospital.

Source: ANF


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