28/06/2017 - 16:12 0
Facebook removes tags relating to Rojava, YPG and Kurds

Facebook has removed several tags relating to Rojava from its site.

The social media company, which has been criticised in the past for banning users and suspending accounts for sharing Kurdish or pro-Kurdish content, has removed tags relating to Rojava (Western Kurdistan) in Northern Syria.

The tags 'Syrian Kurdistan', 'YPG', 'YPJ', 'SDF', 'PKK' and 'Kurds' cannot be chosen by admins when sharing videos from pages and groups on the site. Tags make finding content easier and assist in showing up on interested users' timelines.

Videos shared by the Kurdish Question Facebook page can no longer be tagged with the words mentioned above.

The word 'Islamic State' has also been removed leading to commentators saying Facebook is equating this jihadist group and Kurdish groups fighting it.

It is not known when and why the tags were removed.

Social media users have been critical of Facebook's censorship of Kurdish content, including photos of Kurdish PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan, and have accused the popular social media site of kowtowing to Turkey's demands.

The YPG, YPJ and SDF are all forces fighting the Islamic State (IS/ISIS) in Rojava and Syria. The groups are supported by the US-led International Coalition against IS, but Turkey has branded them terrorist groups in its regional anti-Kurdish policy.