ISIS flag brought down in Tabqa

02/05/2017 - 08:06 0
Tabqa town center liberated from ISIS

The YPG-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have cleared Tabqa of ISIS as part of the operation they launched to liberate the town on March 21.

SDF fighters continue their operation against the gangs in a few locations around the Tabqa Dam where clashes are ongoing.

As part of the operation launched on March 21, 2017 Syrian Democratic Forces took control of several villages and the Military Airbase before they cleared the town of ISIS gangs. Thousands of civilians were rescued from ISIS occupation and transferred to safe areas during the course of the operation.

The liberation of Tabqa has opened the gate leading to Raqqa, the self proclaimed capital of ISIS.

The town of Tabqa on the shore of the Euphrates River in mid-north of Syria is located 40 km to Raqqa and 100-115 km to Aleppo. The town is estimated to have a population of nearly 70-80 thousand people but many migrated both from and into the town following the eruption of the Syrian civil war.

The Tabqa town went under the occupation of gang groups affiliated to the Syrian National Coalition (SNC) between 2011-2014, after which it was handed over to ISIS.

There is a strong presence of tribes and tribal relations in Tabqa which is dominated by Shia-Arab population that also have relations with the Shia-Arab tribes west of Iraq.

Tabqa was a crossing point in trade routes between the large cities of Syria and western Iraqi cities such as Mosul and Baghdad, and the significance of the town grew even more with the dam. It attracted tens of thousands in search of new opportunities from other cities of Syria.

The town is a crossing point of all the major roads leading to all the cities and parts of Syria. Tabqa is a strategic location leading to Raqqa, Deir ez-Zor and Iraq. ISIS likens Tabqa to Madinah.

With the success over Tabqa city and dam, the corridor to Aleppo will be closed. The Turkish state’s logistical and military support line to ISIS and SNC gangs will be broken. Thus ISIS will enter the period of annihilation.

Breaking this line will bring about heavy blows dealt to ISIS and SNC gangs in the areas they have invaded in Syria. And of course as such, the Turkish state will be impacted. With the liberation of Tabqa, a period of total annihilation will begin for ISIS gangs. By liberating the Tabqa city and dam, SDF forces will shake up the current military and political balance once more and come out victorious in both areas.

Source: ANF