YBS fighters in Shengal

25/04/2017 - 12:14 0
Turkish state wants to finish what ISIS started: Kurdish Yazidi Commander

Shingal Resistance Units (YBȘ) Commander Zerdeșt Șengali commented on the airstrikes by Turkish warplanes on the Yazidi homeland in the Kurdistan Region and said: "We will continue to do the same as when we didn't surrender and resisted in the August 3 [ISIS attack] and March 3 [Roj-Pesh attack]. We have the strength for it. Everybody will see that."

Șengali also made the following call: "All our people should show their dissent to the fascist genocidal Turkish state and their accomplices by taking to the streets and support Shengal."

Several jet fighters were used in the attack which targeted the Shengal radio, wedding hall and other civilian locations.

YBȘ (Shengal Resistance Units) Commander Zerdeșt Șengali spoke to ANF about the attack and said the Turkish state aimed to create psychological pressure by targeting civilian locations and make the people surrender through this. Șengali added: "We will defend ourselves against any and all attacks. Our people should hold demonstrations to support Shengal."

'Turkish state wants to finish what ISIS started'

Șengali said the attacks aimed to break the people's will, make them surrender and evacuate Shengal and added: "And to that end, they targeted mostly civilian locations. Kersê Valley has always been a place where the Shengali Êzidîs defended themselves against outside attacks. During the ISIS attack on August 3, 2014 our people defended themselves here as well. In this sense, it is a symbolic location and they deliberately targeted it."

Șengali said the Turkish state wishes to do what ISIS couldn't in 2014 and carry out the genocide to completion, and continued:

"These attacks are naturally a continuation of the August 3 ISIS attack and the attack on March 3 by the KDP and gangs allied to the Turkish state. Everybody already knows that the Turkish state is the biggest supporter of ISIS gangs. ISIS and the Turkish state are a joint force. The Turkish state is their biggest supporter. Similarly, the March 3 attack was an attack that aimed to continue on and complete the 73rd genocide. When that also failed, they sought to finalize it with today's attack. The command center for all these attacks is Ankara. These attacks are clearly guided from the same headquarters to achieve a certain goal. Those who support these attacks are traitor Kurdish circles. They are the ones that see their own survival in the future of the Turkish state."

'We will defend ourselves'

Șengali stressed that if the attacks continue, they will defend themselves and they won't abandon the sacred Êzidxan soil. Pointing out these attacks throughout history, Șengali said these attacks today will fail like those before them and continued: "Those who developed all these attacks have found themselves eliminated and dumped in history. But the Êzidîs prevailed. In the future as well, wherever the attacks may come from, we won't bow down and our people won't bow down. We as the YBŞ-YJŞ fighters will continue to resist against these attacks, like we didn't surrender before. We have the strength for it. Everybody will see that. No gang force will be able to take hold in these lands."

'KDP spreading propaganda'

Şengali also protested the claims and propaganda by the KDP press that the presence of the YBŞ caused these attacks and said: "This is black propaganda. These people have an enemy's mindset. Because everybody knows that the Turkish state is an enemy to the Kurdish people. They attack wherever they feel strong enough to. They can't tolerate a free Kurd. Nobody has the right to delude themselves or deceive the Kurdish people with such talk. The Turkish state's animosity against Kurds has been proven through history. I advise them to research the history of the Turkish state instead of engaging in such talks. These people should look at the reaction the Turkish state has against the Kurdistan regional flag flown in Kirkuk. How do they explain that? Look, they are caught in the trap they laid out for us. "

Iraqi state shouldn't be silent

Şengali said the Iraqi state also needs to take a stand against these attacks and added: "Because Shengal is a part of Iraq. Thus, they should take a stand against this attack carried out on their own soil."

Outcome of the attack

Şengali said the following on the outcome of the attack: "The Turkish state targeted the Shengal radio, the Kersê Valley and a wedding hall that is between Sinune and Kersê. One civilian lost his life in these attacks while one civilian and one YBŞ fighter were wounded."

In addition to the outcome declared by Şengali, KDP press also reported that 5 peshmergas lost their lives while 9 peshmergas were wounded.

People should take to streets everywhere

YBŞ Commander Zerdeşt Şengali called on the Kurdish people and especially Êzidî Kurds to resist and said: "The people should show their dissent against these attacks at the utmost level. The Êzidî people in Shengal reacted immediately. But all our people, primarily Êzidî Kurds in Kurdistan and other parts of the world, should show their reaction against the fascist and genocidal Turkish state and their accomplices by taking to the streets and supporting Shengal."

Source: ANF