18/04/2017 - 15:55 0
KCK calls for an end to Kurdish prisoners' hunger strike on day 63

The Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK), the umbrella organisation of the Kurdish movement, has released a statement calling for an end to the hunger strike launched by political prisoners in Turkish prisons.

The Kurdish group recalled that 300 prisoners are on indefinite-irreversible hunger strike, some for 63 days, and that thousands of others are on short-term hunger strike demanding an end to the isolation of PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan, attacks on the Kurdish people, political purge operations against democratic politics and pressures in prisons.

Stressing that such an extensive action by prisoners is a result of the AKP-MHP fascist government's escalation of practices in Imrali and all prisons, the KCK said: "Prisoners, like at other times, did not remain silent against the pressures and persecution of our people and took action. These prisoners who dedicated their lives to the freedom struggle have put up their revolutionary will by challenging death in the face of pressures. Our people, as always, have stood with their revolutionary children and supported this resistance."

The KCK said the action had reached its goal and the resistance needed to be furthered using different methods.

"Should there be no favorable developments on the highlighted issues, it will be up to the will of resisting prisoners to go into action in a more planned and organised manner in the future. On this basis, we once again salute their action and call on them to end it, with the confidence that they have reached their goal."

According to human rights and health organisations the conditions of several prisoners who launched the hunger strike on 15 February is critical.

Source: ANF