Mustafa Karasu speaks in a pre-recorded message

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'Democratic Modernity cannot be created without women's freedom'

The third conference “Challenging Capitalist Modernity III: Uncovering Democratic Modernity ― Resistance, Rebellion and Building the New” in light of Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan's ideas continues at Hamburg University, Germany on its second day.

KCK (Kurdistan Communities Union) Executive Council Member Mustafa Karasu sent a video message to the conference today, in which he talked about the impact of capitalism on society and the struggle given against it.

"Statist mentality source of problems"

Karasu pointed out that the basic problems of today arise from capitalist modernity and statist mentality.

"The social problems created today are not the kind humans can endure. People are fighting against these problems. Still, one needs to be at the precise place ideologically in order to give a precise struggle against capitalist modernity. All the struggles in history were given through right methods. This needs to be realized today as well. The state system is solely based on class, exploitation and capitalism. Democratic modernity also has a history. The history needs to be consulted as a whole in order for a precise struggle to be given. Real socialism made a mistake; it was against capitalism but not against capitalist modernity. It based itself on the nation-state model. It advanced industrialisation and destroyed nature. Real socialism collapsed, not because it was bad but because it was not against capitalist modernity. For this reason, struggle must be approached profoundly."

"An alternative must be formed"

Mustafa Karasu continued: "Anarchists opposed states and capitalists but they couldn't form a society standing against these. This is why they remained without a solution. Feminists opposed the state and men but they couldn't oppose the model created by these. They couldn't create an alternative model, thus they remained without a solution in the face of capitalism.

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Being anti-capitalist cannot succeed without being anti-statist. An alternative must be created. The model of democratic modernity must be established as an alternative against capitalist modernity which is so widespread that it even contains its opponents within itself. A struggle cannot be given without getting rid of this circle. Technology is advancing, so is industry. Right, scientific technology is good but (capitalist) industry is bad, as it destroys nature and humanity."

"Democratic Modernity cannot be created without women's freedom"

Remarking that capitalism is an opposition to democracy, Karasu added the following: “A true democracy can only be achieved through a democratic society. To this end, democracy must be defended and democratic society must be created. Democratic society equals to socialism. Capitalism is an opposition to not only democracy but to the values of society as well. It is against spirituality and it is materialistic. Democratic modernity cannot be created without women's freedom as women constitute the essence of this struggle."

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Source: ANF