10/04/2017 - 11:43 0
Kurdish political prisoners' hunger strike on 55th day

The indefinite-irreversible hunger strike political prisoners at Izmir Aliaga Sakran Prison launched on February 15 for an end to the isolation of Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan and human rights violations in prisons has entered its 55th day. The hunger strike has spread with more a hundred people joining in nine jails in Turkey.

Families of prisoners in Izmir launched a week-long alternate hunger strike at the Democratic Regions Party (DBP) Provincial Headquarters three days ago in order to support the prison hunger strike.

Yesterday, the DBP General Headquarters issued a statement and called upon its provincial and district branches to take urgent action and hold democratic protests before unintended consequences occur.

Libertarian Lawyers Platform (OHP) issued a monitoring report on prisoners' indefinite-irreversible hunger strike. In the report, OHD stated that the indefinite-irreversible hunger strike of 171 political prisoners continues and 5 day-long alternate hunger strikes in all prisons since March 15.

In its report, OHD listed the following as the demands of the prisoners on hunger strike:

“Ending the isolation of Imrali F Type High Security Closed Prison and Abdullah Ocalan, the detention and arrest of Kurds, democrats and opposition groups, the ongoing military and political pressures, and the inhumane mistreatment of prisoners across prisons.

Source: ANF