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Challenging Capitalist Modernity III conference to start on 14 April

The third edition of the conference discussing ideas developed by the Kurdish movement will take place between 14-16 April in Germany city Hamburg.

Called "Uncovering Democratic Modernity ― Resistance, Rebellion and Building the New" this year, the event will host important thinkers and activists from around the world.

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The press release of the organisation committee read:

"Capitalism is stuck in a structural crisis and losing legitimacy worldwide ― despite the claim that no alternatives exist. At the same time right-wing and reactionary movements o er themselves as alternatives.

But there are other ways than the seemingly only alternatives. In Rojava/North Syria it was possible not only to not take sides but to establish an own, “third way”. The building of a non-patriarchal system and a democratic economic order seems within reach and has the chance to establish itself permanently.

Such “third ways” are possible everywhere in the world. At our third conference we want to present, shed light on/examine and discuss them.

The third conference “Challenging Capitalist Modernity III: Uncovering Democratic Modernity ― Resistance, Rebellion and Building the New” is taking place around Easter (14―16 April) 2017 in Hamburg.

The past two conferences brought together not only leading intellectuals, but also gave young activists, students and scholars a chance to present their ideas. In this third conference we want to once again build bridges between all these and movements in Kurdistan and worldwide."

Sessions will involve discussions on history, gender equality, self-defence, ecology, statism and feminism.

The event will also be streamed live online in several different languages.

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