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The implications of the solutions in Syria

The situation in Syria has, by many overlapping visions, turned into a sort of enforcing things, especially when considering the concept of solution in Syria. It is necessary to realize the particularity of the Syrian situation, because the Syrian people themselves are unique in the region. Therefore, the approach, through which the search for solutions is conducted, complements the old stages, which have not provided anything for the Syrians, especially it is restructuring the Syrian regime with democratic facade. In other words, the parties that search for a solution in a nationalistic or religious way, are working towards reinstating the form of government that caused a disaster for the people of the region for decades. The unilateral national approach, adopted by the regime in the Syrian state, abolished the existent diversity of the Syrian reality and imposed a single color that dominated all aspects of life. The religious approach exploited the true principles of religion for implicit goals and developed extremism and linked it to worldly and otherworldly concepts.

What is happening in Syria today resembles a radical change if we compare it to the situation before the revolution against the regime. The Kurds in Syria felt the need for a democratic change earlier and were subsequently the victims of the regime’s oppression and tyranny, especially in 2004, when the regime brutally crushed the peaceful uprising in Qamishli, with live ammunition and arbitrary arrest of civilians. It is known that revolutions have different stages. The first stage is pre-revolution, including the reality of the revolution and its necessities and future. All these stages require finding alternatives and changes that the revolution seeks to achieve. For example, the Rojava revolution – northern Syria – and the democratic project, which all components, such as the Kurds, Arabs, Assyrians, Syriacs and Turkmens seek to implement, have made nationalist and religious solutions obsolete today. Because nationalist and religious solutions have demonstrated the extent of their failure in expressing the aspirations of the peoples. Therefore, it is imperative to find a new alternative system that is able to contain the outburst of the people and truly represent this change. Hence, we see the democratic nation project as an alternative solution that meets the public’s demands. In addition, it is the best project since it is based on principles and norms stemmed from diagnosing the socio-political and revolutionary realities. The democratic nation project is able to represent and contain the will of all constituent groups, leading those groups to live in an interconnected society similar to a cell as well as the important contribution of maintaining harmony and diversity through self-protection, which is the essence of the success of this project.

This project, which aims to build a just society based on the peaceful coexistence of communities, must be supported by international powers, especially the United States. Because the US is an important country in the world that contribute to the prevention of conflicts’ escalation globally, as well as its tireless efforts to work in accordance with the UN Charter and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. I believe that these issues should be taken into account by the new US administration. The centralized oppressive regimes of the axis neighboring Rojava (norther Syria), such as Iran, Turkey and the Syrian regime, work very hard to prevent the Syrian peoples from achieving the desired democratic change. These regimes view democracy as an existential threat and fear popular uprisings in their own countries, especially Iran and Turkey, as a result of the atrocities they have committed against their own people. The moral mission of the international community and the US is to prevent those oppressive regimes from harassing, bombing and killing people. It is necessary to protect the oppressed peoples under an international umbrella and with self-defense methods.

We, as Kurds together with our local partners, consider ourselves representing the spirit of that democratic theory, and we, with the will of our people, are able to be an alternative to national and religious solutions. Because, those who work with the parties that want to find a solution, are the ones who hinder the solution in all aspects. For example, the platforms, in which a constitution for the country is being proposed, are supportive of the nationalist and religious solutions and thus strangle the solution itself and reproduce the same mentality that the revolution is trying to change. This, if anything, shows a move away from the reality of the Syrian people. It also shows the inability of those involved to comprehend the needs of the Syrian people as well producing a Syrian solution that ends the tragic situation in the country for the past 6 years.

We believe that the democratic nation project will abort all narrow nationalist pursuits and will not allow for any solution to appear without being stemmed from the will of the people. The project also ensures that the spirit of change is truly represented, especially when there is evidence that work outside the framework of the democratic nation project consolidates the reality of the conflict, including power struggle, civil war and the division of the country. National unity, based on principles and norms, represents the essence of the democratic nation project. All solution projects in Syria have proved that solutions based on a single perspective do not work. We see that the Syrian people have the complete conviction that the axis which wants to circumvent their revolution is the same axis that tries to export primitive solutions to consolidate the old reality through different methods and procedures. These methods, which hide behind concepts such as democracy, change and transition period, are aimed to restore the reality that led the Syrian people to their current ordeal.

The Syrian people need an effective and concrete project that does not contain loopholes and this what we see in the northern Syria federal project based on the principle of the democratic nation. Through the adoption of the principle of self-defense and communal organization, we, with the will of our resistant people, managed to defeat the world’s worst enemy, i.e. Daesh. Our people also managed to demolish Daesh’s strongholds, which were centers for planning terrorist activities against the world. We were able to break the Syrian regime’s tyrannical system and established the broadest social and democratic system, manifested in the Democratic Self-Administration, which embraced the components of Rojava – northern Syria. Women also were able to overcome the traditional reality and moved to the fields of struggle to fight against terrorism, as well as moving to the fields of politics and administrative work and became co-presidents in all institutions of the Democratic Self-Administration. This is the reality and truth that we envision and work for. We reject nationalism and religious fanaticism and realize that democracy is the most suitable solution to the Syrian dilemma and other dilemmas in the Middle East.

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