Ahmet Turk following his release from prison

05/02/2017 - 19:28 0
Ahmet Turk: Kurds' resistance cannot be defeated, we will prevail

Deposed Mardin Metropolitan Municipality Co-mayor Ahmet Turk was arrested on 24 November following the appointment of a trustee to the municipality. He was first exiled to Istanbul Silivri Prison and  later transferred to Elazig Prison. Turk was released from prison after two and a half months when his lawyers appealed to the Forensic Medicine Institution due to his health condition.

Turk spoke to ANF after his release and said the current methods of oppression and attacks wouldn't achieve the desired results. The veteran politician also said a healthy constitutional referendum couldn't be held under the current period of oppression and called for a level playing field.

They have understood they can't intimidate us

Turk emphasised that he wasn't able to celebrate his release and added, "We have friends left behind, so my joy is a bittersweet one. All politicians and all other political prisoners need to be freed as well. Only then can we have joy."

Turk stated that his imprisonment was meant as intimidation, and that it has was now understood that this is not possible. "The state has tried to get results through politics of oppression and intimidation for a hundred years, but this is impossible," Turk said.

"I hope the release of Mr. Baluken (HDP Bingol deputy) and myself are a step. After this period, everybody should focus on the solution. Everybody can see that oppression doesn’t get results. You can silence the people, but you can never wipe out resistance. That is why a solution must come back into focus at once.”

Necessary conditions for a referendum must be created

On the upcoming constitutional referendum, Turk said: "Our thoughts on that matter are already known. You can’t have a healthy referendum in this atmosphere. The conditions for all to declare their preference equally and freely, and to carry out their campaign efforts must be provided. Otherwise the referendum won’t be held under healthy conditions and nobody will be content with that."

"We will certainly prevail and won’t be intimidated by these practices," Turk said.

Ahmet Turk is a six-time MP and recent Mardin co-mayor, he has spent many years in prison.

Source: ANF