A family living in a tent in Sirnak

16/01/2017 - 15:02 0
Turkey obstructing aid, baby formula and diapers for Kurdish children: HDP deputy

Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) Sirnak deputy Leyla Birlik has said the Turkish government is preventing aid from reaching the destroyed city.

The parliamentarian, who was detained and imprisoned for two months before being released on 4 January, spoke to ANF and said demolition of the city was continuing in certain neighbourhoods and a de facto curfew was still in place.

Thousands homeless, living in tents

"Sirnak was burned to the ground in many places. Thousands of people continue living in villages and in tents. Tents put up before were taken down by state forces. The people moved in with their relatives in villages after that. At times, there are 3 families in one house. Other than this, many families have been forced to survive in tents put up within villages," the HDP deputy said.

Aid obstructed

Birlik also said aid sent to the area was obstructed by the governorate and added: “The aid the people of Kurdistan gather for Sirnak is prevented by state forces. This is done without grounds by the governor and the prosecutor."

Baby formula and diapers confiscated

The HDP Sirnak MP stated that aid for children had been obstructed recently and that the two trucks of baby formula and diapers were confiscated on the orders of the local prosecutor and governor. "This puts the health and lives of thousands of children under risk," Birlik said.

They want to cleanse Sirnak

The HDP MP concluded her words defiantly saying, “Despite all the tyranny and attacks the people of Sirnak didn’t leave their land. The state can’t stomach the solidarity and resistance displayed by the people of Sirnak. That is why they are resorting to detentions, torture, executions and obstruction of aid."

The HDP has asked for the UN to intervene in Sirnak and provide aid for the city similar to the aid provided to Aleppo.

Clashes following the collapse of the Turkish-Kurdish solution process in the summer of 2015 led to the destruction of more than a dozen Kurdish cities and towns, including Sirnak.

Kurdish politicians and activists have accused the Turkish government of using excessive force and targeting civilians, whilst Turkish officials have called the military operations, "a war on terror."

Turkey recently closed down hundreds of associations, including several Kurdish aid organisations supporting internally displaced families.

Ankara has also prevented a UN Commission from carrying out an independent investigation in the region, strengthening claims that war crimes were committed by state forces, especially in Cizre.

Source: ANF