Besam Seqer, MSD Political Board member / ANHA

10/01/2017 - 14:26 0
Democratic Autonomy suitable model for Aleppo

Besam Seqer, a member of the Political Board of the Syria Democratic Council has said that a declaration of autonomy in Aleppo would make it easier for people to access basic requirements and be an ideal solution to the crisis in the area.

Seqer spoke to ANHA about recent developments in the region and said a localised democratic system against centralisation was the only way out of the current crisis.

Residents formed local councils in Aleppo's eastern neighbourhoods after being liberated from opposition groups by YPG/YPJ. Do you think democratic autonomy can be declared in these neighbourhoods?

Of course this is possible. These neighbourhoods don't have well established service and defence mechanisms. Together with the establishment of local councils they are trying to organise life. These councils are providing services, education etc.

A common life is being organised in Sheikh Maqsoud [Northern Aleppo], which has been cleansed of Regime and Syrian National Council (SNC) forces. Where does this common life get its inspiration from?

There is a security and administrative system founded on democratic principles. The people see themselves as being responsible on these matters.

Regime forces and some opposition groups did not form a system in Aleppo and the city has been devastated by war. Can the Democratic Autonomous System be formed amongst this devastation?

One of the causes of Aleppo being devastated was the centralised state system. Aleppo was being administered from Damascus. When the system in Damascus crumbled so did Aleppo. It is for this reason that an anti-centralised, local system needs to be formed in Aleppo. The most suitable system we believe is Democratic Autonomy.

As the Syrian Democratic Counci (MSD), do you have any plans regarding Aleppo?

We are open to all political parties in Syria. We have suggestions for a way out of the current crisis. We are in communication with the people and preparing to open an office in Aleppo.

What role and responsibilities do political parties and groups have to attain security in Aleppo?

The Social Contract needs to be implemented. Peoples' identities need to be mutually recognised. We need pluralistic and democratic systems at this time. With Democratic Autonomy people's needs can be provided.

Source: ANHA