09/01/2017 - 14:23 0
Turkey removes monument erected for victims of 'Roboski Massacre'

Police have torn down a monument erected in memory of the 34 Kurdish civilians killed by Turkish airstrikes in 2011.

The monument, erected in 2013 in Diyarbakir's Kayapinar district by the Justice for Roboski Association, was destroyed removed by police yesterday without explanation.

Composed of a mother -looking to the heavens with her arms open- encircled by figures symbolising bombs, the monument had the names of all 34 victims, 19 of them children, engraved on the sides.

Veli Encu, chair of the Roboski Association, which was also recently closed down by Presidential decree law, condemned the incident and accused the government of trying to force them to forget the matter.

Encu, a relative of many of the people killed in the massacre, said the government had accused the Gulenist Movement, (dubbed FETO by Turkey), of giving the order for the bombing, but that the order for the closure of the Roboski Association and monument removal had been given by the government.

"Everything they [AKP government] have said in the last five years is empty. We are not surprised by what happens anymore. We have gotten used to it. We will continue our struggle to the end. They should be sincere. They said the massacre was committed by ‘FETO’, so why are they so intolerant? Did 'FETO' remove the monument? We as the families want them to stop adding to our pain. Roboski's murderers were at the monument for the 34 people and without wiping the blood off their hands, removed it."

34 civilians, 28 from the Encu family and 19 of them children were killed in Turkish airstrikes, while doing border trade on the Turkey-Iraq border in 2011. Despite an investigation proving that the airstrike had been conducted with the knowledge that targets were civilians, no one has been tried or punished for the incident.

Source: ANF,