Kurdish woman makes a victory sign in Paris / ANF

07/01/2017 - 16:41 0
Thousands commemorate and demand justice for Kurdish women assassinated in Paris

Thousands of people gathered in Paris today, 7 January, to commemorate the Kurdish women assassinated in the city four years ago.

Crowds gathered in the early hours of the morning at the city station to join the rally organised by the Kurdish Women’s Movement (TJK-E). Demonstrators shouted, "Your silence is due to your complicity" and carried a banner reading,"The murderer is dead but our thoughts are alive and free. What is France doing?"

PKK founder Sakine Cansiz, diplomat Fidan Dogan and youth activist Leyla Saylemez were killed in a brutal assassination in the Kurdish Information Centre in 2013.

The suspect in the murders, Omer Guney, was later revealed to have ties to the Turkish Intelligence Service (MIT) and received orders for the assassination directly from MIT officials.

Omer Guney, who was awaiting trial in custody until recently, died in hospital under suspcious circumstances weeks before he was to appear in court.

The women’s families, activists and politicians have accused the French government of colluding with the Turkish state by prolonging the investigation and trying to cover-up the political murders.

Source: ANF