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Dark forces at play in Istanbul nightclub attack: PKK Commander Karayilan

Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) commander Murat Karayilan has said Kurdish forces have no connection with the New Year’s day Istanbul nightclub massacre, which has resulted in the death of at least 39 people.

Speaking on the Denge Kurdistan Radio, Karayilan condemned the attack and sent his condolences to the families of those killed and injured.

The commander of the People’s Defence Centre (NPG), the military wing of the PKK, said Kurdish forces had nothing to do with the attack and added:

"Neither we, nor any other Kurdish force has anything to do with this attack. I don’t think the Kurdistan Freedom Falcons (TAK) have any connection to it either. The reason for this is that all Kurdish and Kurdistani groups want to gain the support of the people of Turkey. Our struggle is a legitimate one. We want to win over the peoples of the world. The struggle for Kurdish freedom is also the struggle for Turkey’s democratisation. For this reason we do not target innocent civilians. No Kurdish force targets civilians. We are fighting against Turkish colonialism."

Erdogan-AKP responsible for current bloodshed

Assessing the Istanbul nightclub attack early this morning, Karayilan said:

"It seems that dark forces have a hand in this attack. Why? Because Turkey is in a very difficult position now. It is isolated internationally. Ankara supported Daesh (Islamic State group) and Al-Nusra to suppress the Kurdish freedom movement and crush the Kurdish people. It entered the fray in Syria and developed alternative ties taking it away from NATO. Out of desperation it threw itself into Russia’s arms. They know they will not be able to get results from this either.

Turkey is resorting to these methods to overcome this difficult period by saying ‘look Daesh is attacking us.’ These people are cruel. They are shedding their own people’s blood for their own benefit and to hold onto power. If Erdogan and the AKP wanted a single bullet would not be fired in Turkey. If they hadn’t invalidated our leader Ocalan’s efforts [for a solution to the Kurdish question] and rejected the Dolmabahce Agreement none of this would have happened in Turkey.

They wouldn’t have needed to resort to supporting Daesh and wouldn’t be at each other’s throats now. This whole process is the result of Erdogan and AKP’s policies. Until now Daesh had not fought against Turkey. Only in the past 15 days they have been fighting in al-Bab. It seems that their agreement ended in Eqterina, near al-Bab. After that point Daesh took a stand. Now there is a contradiction between Turkey and Daesh. However they have still not targeted the Turkish state directly. The attack yesterday in Besiktas (Reina nightclub) has question marks over it. All of Daesh’s attacks so far have been against us, civilians and foreign tourists."

Nightclub attack aims to save Turkey from isolation

Karayilan continued: "Previously Daesh had targeted Germans and Jews in Turkey. Many foreign nationals were murdered in yesterday’s attack. This is a plan. Some darker powers may have a hand in this. This assault was organised to save Erdogan and the AKP from isolation. Their tears are crocodile tears. They (Turkish officials) are lying. We severely condemn this brutal attack and share in the pain of the victims’ families."

At least 39 people were killed and 69 wounded according to Turkish authorities. Reports suggest a lone gunman entered the Reina nightclub in Istanbul's Besiktas Ortakoy neigbourhood in the early hours of the new year and attacked partygoers. According to reports the gunman escaped and is still at large.

Turkey has issued a broadcast ban on the incident.

Source: ANF, Agencies