KCK Executive Council co-chair Cemil Bayik

28/12/2016 - 21:13 0
Kurds will be subjected to massacre if they lose once again in 21st century: KCK co-chair Cemil Bayik

Kurdistan Communities' Union (KCK) Executive Council co-chair Cemil Bayik has said that "those who oppose a Kurdish national congress and unity will lose."

Speaking to KRG based Rojnews, the co-chair of the Kurdish umbrella organisation, which also includes the PKK, said if the Kurds fail to achieve unity in this period, they will miss a historic opportunity.

"Without the Kurds a new status-quo and political balance cannot be determined in the Middle East. If the Kurds lose once again in this century, they will be subjected to massacres," Bayik said.

World War III

“There is an intense war in the Middle East and we consider this to be World War III. The Middle East is the spine of the world. All issues stem from here and must be resolved here. The balance after World War I and II didn’t consider the Kurds and divided them. But the Kurds fought against this and resisted. The disruption of the status quo created after World Wars I and II is a positive thing for Kurds."

Kurds' fight against Islamic State

Bayik also mentioned the Kurds’ fight against the Islamic State (IS/ISIS/ISIL) group and said: "The Kurds are fighting ISIS and dealing great blows. ISIS gangs are a threat to the whole world not just the Kurds and the Middle East. Everyone, the whole world has seen the Kurds resisting this menace harder than anybody else and dealing blows, fighting for all of humanity and it's values; this has created a significant effect in the international area."

Kurdish national congress

The Kurdish leader also commented on his organisation's recent call for a national congress and stated: “The people want this. The parties, the institutions have this demand. Intellectuals, artists, writers want this. Some powers in the international level also want this. Taking everything into consideration, the National Congress should happen as soon as possible. The PKK has always shown awareness regarding its national and historic duties and that is why we have called for a National Congress."

Bayik also added that most Kurdish parties had responded positively to the call. "Until now there have been many positive responses and approaches. Throughout Kurdistan, there are only a few parties who haven’t responded to this call. This is encouraging for putting the congress into practice. I believe everybody will stand behind their declarations and the practical steps taken will be supported as well."

Historic time for Kurdish unity

Referring particularly to certain parties in the Kurdistan Region in Iraq, the KCK Executive Council co-chair stated some groups were declaring support to avoid a negative reaction from the public, but were not taking any practical steps. "Some groups state that they are in favour of the congress to avoid reaction from the public. But when you look at their practice, their rhetoric and their reality it is different. This is most prominent in the South. Conditions are ripe and that is why the Kurds shouldn’t miss this chance. If the Kurds don’t take advantage of this opportunity, achieve unity and hold the congress, they will lose," Bayik said.

Preparations began for a national congress after the KCK made an appeal to all parties on 10 December. Previous attempts at a national congress in 2014 failed due to disagreements and differences, especially between the PKK (KCK) and Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP).

Source: Rojnews, ANF