US Ambassador to Ankara John Bass

23/12/2016 - 22:21 0
US Does Not Support Connection of Kurdish Cantons in Syria: Ambassador to Turkey John Bass

The US Ambassador to Ankara has said that the United States does not support the unification of the three cantons in Rojava-Northern Syria Federation.

In an interview on Friday with Turkish NTV, John Bass, said his country has two objectives in its support for the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). The first is to defeat the Islamic State group in Syria and the second to not create any problems for Turkey, a NATO ally, whilst doing this.

"That is an important reason why we do not support, have never supported, connection of the so-called Kurdish cantons in Syria."

"We do not support anyone on the ground changing demography or changing political governance structures unilaterally based solely on their military success against Daesh," Bass said.

The US Ambassador also said they hadn't provided the YPG with heavy weapons.

Turkey is against the unification of the cantons, which it sees as a Kurdish entity and source of inspiration for the 15 million Kurds living within Turkey's borders. Ankara launched the 'Euphrates Shield Operation' in August to create a buffer zone between the Kobane and Afrin cantons and push SDF forces back to the East of the Euphrates river.

The Rojava-Northern Syria Federation Administration has said it is seeking a federative solution to the Syria crisis and has drawn up a secular constitution that recognises all the ethnic and belief groups in the region. The Kurdish-led administration also includes Arab, Syriac, Armenian and Turkmen components.