Selahattin Demirtas, HDP co-chair

14/12/2016 - 21:41 0
Turkish AKP Government Responsible for Explosions in Turkey: Selahattin Demirtas

Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) co-chair Selahattin Demirtas has issued a statement from prison after the twin-bomb attacks in İstanbul on Saturday and the arrests of hundreds of HDP and DBP politicians in the past two days.

Demirtas who was escorted from prison for an independent health examination following a heart spasm on Saturday said:

"The arrests of HDP administrators, parliamentarians and members have increased recently. I should say that these detentions and arrests are not lawful. Our friends should be released. The AKP government is trying to deflect the responsibility to the HDP through its operations, but we will neither accept nor allow this.

We will resign immediately if they can substantiate their accusations and prove that we are responsible for the bombings, whose perpetrators are supposedly captured. The AKP has the political responsibility for the bombs that are exploding, and should account before the public. They should account everywhere including the parliament. They are the ones that are administering the country.

We strongly insist on democratic politics. Problems can be resolved through democratic politics. Politicians should facilitate the parliament in order to produce solutions, as opposed to making the parliament defunct. Democratic politics and peace is our path, and we insist on this. We will not back down from our position."

HDP MPs Besime Konca and Caglar Demirel were imprisoned yesterday while the same deputy Alican Onlu was detained in Ankara today.

522 HDP and DBP members including district co-chairs have been detained since the twin-blasts in Istanbul on Saturday.

At least 6000 pro-Kurdish politicians and activists have been imprisoned since the failed coup attempt in Turkey.

Source: ANF,