Cengiz Candar, Journalist and writer / (c) Erem Kansoy

12/12/2016 - 18:40 0
Erdogan Wants to Crush Kurds to Establish Dictatorship: Cengiz Candar

Experienced Turkish journalist and panelist at the recent 13th International Conference on "The EU, Turkey, The Middle East And The Kurds" at the European Parliament, Cengiz Candar, said tougher sanctions could be implemented on Turkey if it continued on its current path.

Erem Kansoy spoke to Candar about about recent developments in Turkey and Kurdistan.

Kansoy: What are your thoughts on the imprisonment of Demirtas and the other elected HDP officials and the appointing of trustees to DBP governed councils?

Candar: I’ve said this everywhere; this is a tendency towards fascism. This attempt at the discarding of the elected representatives of the Kurdish people is to say ‘we will only fight against you, we do not recognise your representatives’, this will only pave the way for war. This is the opposite of a peaceful and political solution, it is to play with fire and fuel violence.

Kansoy: Is a Kurdish autonomy in Syria possible?

Candar: Right now this is the de facto situation; this de facto situation must become law and this is only possible with a solution in Syria, so yes, this is definitely possible.

Kansoy: Who were the civilian putschists of the 15 July coup attempt? Why have they not been disclosed?

Candar: If I knew this, you can be sure that I wouldn’t keep it to myself, I’d have disclosed it in the conference I attended in the European Parliament.

Kansoy: Will someone like Abdullah Gul or Bulent Arinc [former AKP officials] form a new party from within the AKP?

Candar: In time this can happen, it doesn’t necessarily have to be with these names but the formation of a new party from within is probable.

Kansoy: How do you see Turkey’s policy on Syria? Is it a long term policy?

Candar: Turkey’s policies don’t seem to be very long term. Whether this policy will hold in the long term or not depends a little on how Trump will manage relations with Russia once he is sworn in to the White House.”  

Kansoy: Various sanctions including arms embargos have been voted for by the European Parliament and countries like Switzerland and Austria. Will Europe and the rest of the world take tougher sanctions against Turkey?

Candar: If Turkey continues on this path, tougher sanctions could be implemented.

Kansoy: The most recent report by Amnesty International stated that in the last year 500,000 Kurds were systematically and forcefully displaced from Kurdish regions. What do you think happened in Kurdish towns in the last year? Why were these towns destroyed?

Candar: This is what I am trying to say, they are trying to supress the Kurdish question using force and this is the result of that policy.

Kansoy: What does Erdogan want to do, what is his aim?

Candar: Erdogan’s desire and ambition is to establish his personal dictatorship over Turkey. To this end, he is willing to crush the Kurds in Turkey and the Kurds in Syria.