Kurdish politicians at EP Conference / (c) Erem Kansoy

12/12/2016 - 16:53 0
'Kurdish Conference' in European Parliament Calls for Return to Peace Negotiations in Turkey

The final resolution of the 13th Annual "The EU, Turkey, The Middle East And The Kurds" Conference has been published with a call for a return to negotiations.

The conference was held at the European Parliament on 7-8th December with Kurdish politicians, journalists, human rights activists and intellectuals in attendance.

The comprehensive document calls upon Turkey to give up the denial and violence policy against Kurds and to recognise constitutionally all the rights of Kurds and other ethnic and religious groups in the country.

The resolution also says an end should be put to the ban on the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) in Europe; and cites the recent verdict by a Brussels court, which ruled that the PKK, according to international law, was a party to the war in Turkey.

A section of the document also highlights the importance of a return to negotiations between the Turkish state and Kurdish movement for an end to the current conflict and says PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan needs to be given the freedom to lead the process. It is also stated that the conference has information that the Kurdish leader's life is in danger with discussions in the nationalist circles of the AKP and MHP for Ocalan's elimination.

The conference resolution calls for the immediate release of all political prisoners, including Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) representatives and the reinstatement of all Kurdish DBP co-mayors to municipalities placed under control of state appointed trustees. A call is also made for a ceasing of attacks on journalists, students and trade unionists, and the removal of all prohibitions on NGOs, newspapers, radio stations, magazines’ and TV stations.

The EU, Council of Europe and UN are also called to action to defend universal human rights in the resolution by supporting democratic forces in Turkey and Syria and recognising the Democratic Self-Administration of Rojava.

The final resolution ends with a call to European governments to take concrete steps to end the repression in Turkey. 

Read the complete document here