Estella Schmid, PIK founder & co-founder

10/12/2016 - 17:16 0
Erdogan Wants to Destroy Kurds: Political Activist Estella Schmid

Political and human rights activist Estella Schmid has said that Turkish President Erdogan's aim is to destroy the Kurds using political and economic means to cement his dictatorship.

UK based Peace in Kurdistan Campaign (PIK) founder and co-ordinator and KNK member Estella Schmid spoke to journalist Erem Kansoy at last week's 13th International Conference on "The EU, Turkey, The Middle East And The Kurds" at the European Parliament.

Kansoy: As a participant of the conference, what would you like to say about the event?

Schmid: It was important that as members of the conference, we, alongside HDP members were here, despite the suppression and threat of detention on return. I think important resolutions were made. But we must not view this conference independently of all the work done by Kurds and their friends across Europe. In my opinion Europe’s democratic forces need to support the Kurds in every way irrespective of the results for the European Union. In this context the conference was a success and contributed to this.

Kansoy: Austria and a German arms company have banned arms sales to Turkey. Do you think they will implement this and will it affect economic ties with Turkey.

Schmid: One of the primary things European countries need to do is stop arms sale to Turkey. They need to do this irrespective of financial, political or military gains. However I don’t think EU will cease selling Turkey arms because of mutual interests. We have been campaigning for 30 years to achieve this but arms sales haven’t stopped. The same goes for Saudi Arabia. Europe’s biggest financial income is from arms sales, even if for this reason, it will not stop arms sales to Turkey.

Kansoy: What is Erdogan aiming for with the arrest of Kurdish HDP politicians and the destruction of Kurdish cities?

Schmid: Using all his economic, political and military might Erdogan wants to eradicate the Kurds. This is his only aim. The desire to eradicate Kurds has existed for over a century and Erdogan is continuing this tradition of the state. The Kurds who are fighting the Turkish state and ISIS are Erdogan’s biggest enemies and for this reason all democratic forces need to support these Kurds.