KCK meeting in Qandil Mountains

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KCK Calls Kurdish Parties to Convene National Congress for Kurdistan

The Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK) Executive Council co-leadership has called for national unity among Kurdish parties and movements across the Kurdish regions in Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria.

In a statement released on 8 December, the umbrella organisation of the Kurdish movement -including the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK)- said that despite a century of assimilation and genocide the Kurdish people have advantages to build the 21st century.

“The First World War in the first quarter of the 20th century divided Kurdistan into four parts. In all four parts, starting from Turkey, Kurds have been subjected to physical and cultural genocide with the intention of dissolving them into the hegemonic nations. Kurds suffered greatly in the 20th century due to these genocidal policies and practices and were brought to the brink of extinction as a nation. That anti-colonialist resistance remained fragmented and localised and resulted in genocidal colonialism surviving into the 21st century," the KCK said.

The old is dying and the new being created

The group, which proposes a confederal solution to the Kurdish question, said that a new political balance was being built in the Middle East, from which the Kurds could make great gains.

"The Middle East is an area where the world’s political balance is created. The Third World War that will form the new world balance after the fall of the old has started and continues in this region. The actors in this war are the international powers that want to have influence in the Middle East, the proponents of the status-quo and regressive forces of the region who want to keep their former positions and finally the peoples’ forces that aren’t happy with the status-quo.

Kurds are the worst affected by the old political balance and status-quo, they want to take their place in the new political and achieve a democratic free life with the organisations and struggle they have created over decades. With the insurgencies of 2011 dubbed the 'Arab Spring', the Arab peoples have also stated that they are not content with their position and want to achieve a free and democratic life. To this end, a violent war continues in which alliances fall and new alliances rise every day. This situation is a reflection of the reality that the Kurds, who were subjected to genocides within the 20th century status-quo, should assess the most."

Kurds have become a rising nation in the Middle East

The Kurdish umbrella organisation also stated that Kurds had become more nationally aware and were willing to "pay the price" to achieve freedom.

"Unlike the 20th century, the Kurds have great advantages in the political balance to be created in the 21st century. The Kurds have significant political and military organisations and the Kurdish people have a will and a determination to live free and democratically like never before and are willing to pay the price to achieve this. The Kurds are more nationally aware of their identity now and we are undoubtedly going through a strong period. Friend and foe, everybody accepts that the Kurds have become a rising nation in the Middle East."

Opportunities as well as dangers face Kurds

The KCK's statement emphasised that this juncture in history afforded opportunities but also posed dangers to Kurds and cited the Turkish government's opposition to Kurdish gains in Rojava-Northern Syria as an example of the opposition against Kurdish rights.

"The AKP [Turkish] government says, 'We will not make the same mistake we made in Northern Iraq in Northern Syria' and opposes Kurds' gaining rights. The Kurds' strengthening has mobilised their enemies and those who want to continue the genocide. There are still forces in the Middle East that won’t accept and can't stomach Kurds’ existence and their desire for a free and democratic life."

Kurdish unity will translate in great gains

"If Kurds achieve unity in the part of Kurdistan they are in, as well as between parts, they will definitely eliminate threats and turn opportunities into great gains. These years we are living through are demanding national unity from. When will Kurds unite and act together if not in this period? This is not voiced only by organised political powers, but the whole of the Kurdish people. In this sense, the process we are experiencing puts historic duties on the shoulders of all Kurdish political parties, organisations and national democratic forces."

Unity at local level not reflected in unity at organisational level

In the statement the KCK also repeated calls for a national congress attended and said Kurds had suffered greatly because of a lack of unity.

"Fragmentation has cost the Kurds much. In this sense, the Kurdish people have expressed this most strikingly via Ahmedê Xanê’s epic story Mem û Zîn. Due to the pains suffered in the 20th century, many parties and organisations, including the PKK, have expressed the longing and call to organise a national congress and achieve national unity. The Kurdish people and their intellectuals have voiced the importance of national unity at every chance and have called for a national congress to be held. Our people have taken important steps on the path to national unity in the last quarter century. With political struggles in all parts of Kurdistan the borders have lost their meaning, and national unity has for the most part been achieved at the local level. But this unity amongst the people has not translated into the desired level of unity among political parties and organisations. This has resulted in the Kurds not being able to take advantage of emerging opportunities, and has created problems regarding the gains and the struggles for freedom and democracy for Kurds.

Our movement feels this pressing issue [unity] every day, and we believe that all political parties and organisations feel this as well. In Bakur [Turkey-North], Rojava [Syria-West], Bashur [Iraq-South] and Rojhelat [Iran-East], if there was unity among Kurds, if there was unity among parties and political powers in all parts of Kurdistan, the Kurdish issue would be solved and Kurds would achieve great gains. Not acting on what is necessary even though this fact is seen by all political parties weighs as a historic responsibility on all our shoulders."

Kurdish unity will benefit all peoples of the Middle East

The Kurdish group's statement added that unity would strengthen the Kurdish people to resolve issues in the Middle East, thus making them an effective force in creating a 'win-win situation for all peoples'.

The political situation and ongoing clashes in all parts of Kurdistan means Kurdish unity is needed on all fronts. When we take on this responsibility and act, the Kurdish people as a whole and their political powers will strengthen and be capable of solving all problems they encounter. The national unity of Kurds will be an effective intervention on the political developments in the Middle East, and all the peoples of the Middle East will prevail along with the Kurds. A “win-win” situation will be created for everyone.

Call for national congress

The KCK's statement ended with a call for a national congress to convene in the shortest possible time.

"The historic duty that befalls every Kurdish political party and organisation should be to heed the call of history and the times and take steps towards a National Congress and national unity. During 2013 and 2014, efforts to this end meant that significant experience was accumulated. Everybody also gained from that process. With this perspective, and taking into consideration the accumulated experience, all political organisations holding a meeting for national unity will be an important first step. After this step, a congress preparation committee can be formed, preparations for a national congress can be made, political problems facing Kurds can be determined and these can be carried to the preparation committee and the National Congress.

We call on all parties and organisations to take the first step towards efforts for a National Congress by organising a national unity meeting.

With this declaration to the public and our people, we are aiming to commit first, and speed up the process in this historic time. We believe that all Kurdish political parties and organisations will fulfill the responsibility that is placed on all of us by the people and history, and reiterate that we will undertake any and all responsibility that falls upon us.”

Source: ANF