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SYPG Launches 'Join Your Local Commune. Defend The Confederal System!' Campaign in Rojava

As operation "Euphrates Rage" (Wrath of Euphrates} continues and world media once again hone in on images of YPJ fighters, destroyed villages, and fleeing ISIS forces, it is important to remember what these battles are being fought for.

Beyond the front lines the confederal system of the Federation of Northern Syria/Rojava is being extended and deepened. New communes, the lowest level of this structure, are being formed every week and work continues to build support for the system across the different communites here in the region. A new campaign has been launched under the slogan "Join your local commune. Defend the confederal system!"

This campaign seeks to work with the different communities here to build support for the confederal system, forming new communes where they are absent, and encouraging people to not just participate in their local Mala Gel (people's houses) when they have personal problems. 

SYPG, Institution for the Solidarity and Unity of Peoples, a part of TEV-DEM, initiated this campaign and have built a coalition of other groups to support it. In the weeks leading up to the launch event they hit the streets: flyering and postering across the city and visiting Mala Gel (People's Homes) and the offices of organisations to build support for the campaign. 

The launch event on November 4th brought together 300 people from a broad cross-section of society in Qamishlo. The meeting was attended by members of the three major communities in Qamishlo – Kurd, Arab, and Syriac – with a good mixture of men and women across all ages. After a minute's silence to remember the those who had fallen in defence of the confederal system there were 4 speeches.

Wach the summary video of the event here

Mensur El-Selum (co-chair of the executive commitee of the federation of Northern Syria – Rojava), Elizabet Gewiye (president of the Syrianic Union), Sores Ahmed (Speaker from SYPG) and Hediye Yusuf (co-chair of the executive commitee of the federation of Northern Syria – Rojava) spoke at the event.

The speakers, in three different languages, emphasised the importance of the confederal system to building a peaceful and progressive society where all communities had a say in the way foward.  Elizabet Gewiye, speaking for the Syriac community supportive of the confederal system, spoke of increasing confidence by many in the Syriac community for the confederal system. A member of SYPG said "the Syriac community here in Qamishlo is divided, with many still supporting the regime so it was very important to work with the Syriac community and have a speaker here at our launch event".

The question and answer session saw many thoughtful questions, two of them including references to Marx, engaging with the concrete problems of the confederal system: how to defend it from external enemies and how to build it across the communities here in the region.