Ocalan's pamphlet published in Tamil / Karthick RM

29/11/2016 - 21:45 0
Ocalan’s ‘Liberating Life: Women’s Revolution’ Published in Tamil

The Tamil translation of Abdullah Ocalan’s “Liberating Life: Woman’s Revolution” was released in Mullivaikaal Memorial at Tanjore, Tamil Nadu on 27 November. The release date coincides with the anniversary of the formation of the PKK and Tamil Eelam Heroes’ Day. The venue, Mullivaikaal Memorial, is a historically significant spot to commemorate the Tamil fighters who fell in battle against the genocidal Sri Lankan state.

The Tamil translation titled “Siragai Virikkum Vaazhvu: Pennin Puratchi” was published by Pragnai. The translation was done by Poonkuzhali, Tamil activist who has campaigned extensively for the human rights and political rights of the Eelam Tamils at local and international forums.

Dr. N. Malathy, key member of North-East Secretariat on Human Rights (NESoHR) and the author of ‘A Fleeting Moment in My Country’, wrote the foreword to the book. Malathy, a survivor of the genocide, opined that Tamils had much to learn from the Kurdish struggle and Ocalan’s works.

Tamil women activists took the lead in the publication, release and discussion of this critical work of Ocalan.

Poonkuzhali, the translator, Divya Bharati of the CPI(ML) Liberation, Chitra, eco-feminist based in Tanjore, and Vilasini R, Pragnai Publishers, spoke at the event, which was moderated by Tamil activist Kennedy.

Of particular interest was Ocalan’s thesis on the phenomenon of “housewifisation” and how it contributes to the systemic oppression of women, and also of the liberating possibilities of “killing the male”. There was much appreciation of such a radical feminist work, which is internationalist in its outlook, emerging from a region torn by sectarian-religious conflict.

The speakers drew parallels between Ocalan’s work and the achievements of the Periyarist movement in Tamil Nadu and the LTTE led national liberation struggle in Tamil Eelam. They also noted how geo-political interests of world powers denied legitimacy to the struggle of Tamils and Kurds.

The participants at the event lauded the initiative as a step towards a greater intellectual and political solidarity between Kurds and Tamils. 

Reporting by: Karthick RM