Rojava representation in Oslo city hall / Jonas Staal

28/11/2016 - 10:24 0
Syrian Kurds Inaugurate Representation Office in Oslo

The Kurdish-led Self-Administration of Rojava in northern Syria inaugurated on Saturday a representation office in the Norwegian capital Oslo.

The office was opened under the roof of Oslo Municipality following a speech by Oslo Mayor Marianne Borgen on Saturday.

Co-Chairs of the Democratic Union Party (PYD), Asya Abdullah and Salih Muslim, Rojava Democratic Autonomous Region Representative in charge of Foreign Relations Sinam Mohamad, TEV-DEM Executive Board member Aldar Xelil and Assyrian Representative Besam İshak also attended the opening.

The Rojava officials also took part in discussions in the New World Assembly City Hall in Oslo with the participation of academics, activists and the media.

The panels discussed the “Rojava Revolution” history, democratic confederalism, democratic autonomy, Rojava armed revolution, women and culture, role of international forces in Rojava Revolution, stateless diplomacy and the Rojava model.

“The city of Oslo witnessed a historical event today by hosting hosting and supporting the leaders of the democratic Self-Administration of Rojava,” said Ilham Ahmed, a Kurdish official.

The Syrian Kurds have opened representation offices in several European countries, including the Czech republic, Benelux, Russia, France, and Sweden.

“The opening of the offices is very important. We want to improve the relations between the Rojava’s Self-Administration and European states and civil organizations,” Abdulkarim Omer, the head of foreign affairs for the local administration in the Hasakah province in northeastern Syria previously told ARA News.

“We have now several representation offices abroad, including Sulaymaniyah, Moscow, Stockholm and Berlin. We are planning to open more representation offices in the future,” Omer added.

Source: ARA News