Turkey President Erdogan / Unknown

14/11/2016 - 16:20 0
Erdogan Says He Is Shepherd, Insinuates Turkish People Are Herd

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan has caused controversy in the country once again by saying he is a shepherd to the people.

Speaking at a summit on agriculture today, Erdogan compared himself to prophets and emphasised the importance of a shepherd's job, saying: "Those who don't comprehend the philosophy of shepherding can't manage people."

The President, who is seeking an executive presidential system in Turkey to replace Parlimantary democracy went on to add:

"We must lift shepherding, the occupation of prophets, to the level of respect it deserves. Don't take shepherding lightly. Those who don't comprehend the philosophy of shepherding can't manage people. I am also a shepherd."

People went on social media to criticise Erdogan's comments, which they said likened the people to a herd.

In a meeting with mukhtars (village chiefs) recently Erdogan had also called himself the 'Head chief.'

Turkey has come under criticism for the latest crackdown on opposition groups, media organs and the civil society with many blaming Erdogan for the authoritarian turn in the country's politics.

Source: Diken