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246 Days After Curfew and Siege: Sirnak in Photos

The military curfew imposed in Kurdish city Sirnak has been lifted partially after 246 days, revealing the destruction and devastation left behind.

The curfew imposed by the Turkish government on 14 March 2016 was partially lifted as families who had fled clashes between the Turkish army and local Kurdish forces returned to the city to find their homes among the ruins.

After long waits residents passed through road-blocks set up by soldiers to enter the city centre.

Gazipasa, Yesilyurt, Ismetpasa, Dicle, Cumhuriyet and Bahcelievler neighbourhoods have completely been destroyed with people struggling to find the former places of their homes.

People search for clues of their former dwellings among the continuing destruction and noise of scoops and bulldozers. A photograph, piece of furniture, ornament or clothes can determine where a person's house was. 

There are many checkpoints in the city and armoured police vehicles constantly do rounds amongst the rubble. Those who have reached the city despite all obstacles experience a great sadness and pain. Their faces are captured in photographs as they watch silently the destroyed neighbourhoods reminiscent of Syria. Even the trees have been ripped from their roots.

Amongst the ruins people can be heard saying, "We were born and grew up here, now after all this destruction, we can't even find our homes." The only structure remaining in the Cumhuriyet Neighbourhood is the local mosque. On the remaining walls the only thing that is left is racist and sexist graffiting by state forces.

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Source: Evrensel