HDP statement read by Ayhan Bilgen

06/11/2016 - 08:40 0
Pro-Kurdish HDP Ceases Parliamentary Activity Following Arrest of MPs

The Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) has declared it is ceasing all activity in the Turkish Parliament.

In a statement made this morning in Diyarbakir by party spokesperson Ayhan Bilgen, the HDP said:

"Our parliamentary group and Central Executive Committee have decided after lengthy discussions to stop, during the most comprehensive and dark attack on democratic politics, our activities in parliament, and once again return amongst our people. In the following days we will travel from house to house, neighbourhood to neighbourhood, village to village, district to district and listen to the peoples' suggestions and criticisms."

Referring to the state appointed custodians to Kurdish municipalities, the statement said Turkey had become a "custodian republic," and said the HDP would grow the "democratic republic against the custodian republic."

The statement also appealed to international public opinion with the following words:

"The government may imprison our co-chairs, those demanding peace, those calling for freedom and justice; it may use violence to continue its hold on power. But this will not prevent us from our democratic political struggle. The Erdogan-AKP government has turned this country to ash and for a Turkish-type presidential regime caused the death, injury, displacement, unemployment and polarisation of thousands of people. The Turkish-type presidential system they are proposing to the public is one-man fascist system. It will mean war, oppression, unrest and injustice."

The HDP statement also called on all democratic organisations around the world to take a political stand, stating: "Do not bow down to Erdogan's threats. Step by step he is taking the country towards a totalitarian regime where universal human rights are denied. To remain silent to this threatens the people of the region and Europe."

Nine HDP MPs, including co-chairs Figen Yuksekdag and Selahattin Demirtas, were jailed on 5 November, accused of being members of the outlawed PKK.

The HDP received more than 5 million votes in the 1 November general election in 2015.

Source: Diken