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The Strategy to Eradicate the PKK!

Erdogan is continuing to implement a war strategy against the PKK.

This is a war that is intensifying each day.

We can surmise that we are heading towards a period of blood and fire that will surpass today.

According to some, this war against the PKK is a strategy to eradicate it completely.

Strategist Metin Gürcan’s words are important in this regard:

The overriding opinion in Ankara is that there has never been a simultaneous and comprehensive struggle against the PKK in both the military and civil spheres since it began its armed actions in 1984 and that this is the real reason for not being able to eliminate it.

The critical question in terrorism studies is this:

Can the armed non-state actor using terror as a method be dissuaded from using it, or must it be eliminated?

It can be seen that the government, following 15 July and the legal authorisation it has been given to fight FETÖ [Gülenists], has chosen to implement a total eradication strategy against the PKK and all of its auxiliaries rather than accept it as an interlocutor and begin a new negotiation process.

The framework of the ‘total eradication strategy’ can be summarised as follows:

- An armed war against the PKK

- The lifting of HDP MPs parliamentary immunity and the possibility of imprisonment…

- The complete silencing of Kurdish media

- The imprisonment of Kurdish journalists…

- The purge or arrest of Kurdish teachers and public sector workers – on the pretext of PKK sympathies or membership – in the country’s Southeast

- The seizure of municipalities by taking them under administration…

- The intimidation, detainment, arrest of everyone who is deemed a PKK sympathiser

President Erdogan believes this ‘peace not war strategy’ has strengthened his hand and popularity at the polls.

He has been thinking this since the summer of 2015.

The 1 November election results [in his favour] made him more obstinate and insistent on this war strategy.

It can also be said that the 15 July election result [where his party lost the majority] was also a pivotal moment in Erdogan’s resolution on complete eradication.

A question:

Will Erdogan’s resoluteness also expand to include a ground operation on Qandil [PKK headquarters], something which has never been done before?

Will a ‘deep’ operation on Qandil be on the agenda?

There are some who say this is possible.

And will Barzani support this ‘Qandil operation’ in some way?

Let’s move on.

There are many questions.

Furthermore, these questions’ anchors also weigh on Mosul and therefore Iraq and also the Euphrates Shield Operation and Syria.

In other words:

How many fronts can Erdogan drag Turkey to ‘war’ or an ‘adventure’ on…

Another question is about the PKK.

The PKK is also forming its own ‘war strategy’ against Erdogan’s complete eradicaton strategy.

We can say this:

The PKK wants to show that war is a dead-end for Erdogan and is getting ready to intensify its war or is doing it already.

In short:

Both sides are expecting gains from a ‘war not peace strategy’.

This is why I have said:

Turkey may find itself in a circle of blood and fire that is much much worse than today.

Source: T24

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