Michelle Harding The Mother of Reece Harding who fell fighting ISIS.

06/10/2016 - 09:43 0
Australian Mother of Reece Harding Speaks Out

Those of you who have been my Facebook friends from the early days, after my son's death will have noticed my growing realisation of my own naivety in world affairs and politics. I must confess that I thought I was aware of what was happening as I had watched the TV news daily and read a newspaper regularly.

How wrong and disillusioned I feel now, as I, like so many other ordinary people, only know what our politicians and governments choose to make us aware of.

I also thought living in the West, that we had democracy, free speech and a free and independent media; that the political representatives we vote for would uphold the values our societies are supposed to stand for.

I was so wrong and naive that I am embarrassed by my own gullible ignorance. All these values are only a facade perpetuated by the political elite and very rich that influence policies.

I could not understand at first why our governments were not supportive of the democratic, equal and all inclusive society the Kurdish people were trying to build and promote in a region that has very little, if not any of these rights.

I thought to myself that we have more in common with the Kurdish people than any other country in the region. I was absolutely appalled at the human rights violations and atrocities committed against the Kurdish and other minorities and that nothing was being done or said to stop it.

We have a myriad of watch-dog organisations, human rights groups, the United Nations and International laws. However all of these organisations are as useful as 'eunuchs in a harem' because they are controlled and paid for and therefore, heavily influenced and accountable to the governments that set them up. They are useful in reassuring the people that our rights are protected. It would appear that these rights are negotiable on a whim from their masters.

I looked at regimes like Turkey and Saudi Arabia to name only two among many, that our political leaders are so supportive of despite their appalling human rights abuses, and wondered why nothing negative was said of them and that instead only praise was heaped upon them and assurances from our leaders that they were 'valuable allies' to the West.

I now understand that these regimes and others are the very ones supporting the extremists that hate us and despise our values and way of life.

This left me frustrated and I felt betrayed by our leaders for their unwavering support of these regimes. I am now ashamed and very aware that it is our own governments that have encouraged and covertly supported this war in Syria and Iraq to rid themselves of a pro Russian Syrian regime. Oil and gas and their profits were also at stake.

Our own governments are infiltrated by these betrayers of humanity, who have more in common with the likes of the Turkish and Saudi Arabian regimes, as they share the same desires for power, influence and profit above the cost of human death and abject misery.

Yes, the minority that is most evil among us hold high places in office and have negotiated our very humanity in political deals and are willing to sit by and watch millions of innocent people die and suffer for the sake of power and an extra dollar.

We must now motivate and educate the good people, who I still believe represent the majority, into action and demand a change to the way we conduct and do business. We have to make our political leaders and governments responsible and held to account for what they do.

Otherwise this world we live in will continue this cycle of self destruction and brutality and our very humanity will be only a theory, just another word in a dictionary. 

Note: Michele Harding is the mother of Reece Harding (Heval Bagok) who was killed in the fight again ISIS in Rojava with the YPG in June 2015. Printed with Michelle Harding's permission.

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