Hunger strikers earlier in the strike / ANF

10/09/2016 - 11:04 0
French Police Attack Kurdish Hunger Strike in Strasbourg

French police have attacked the hunger strike demanding a meeting with Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan and recognition for Sinjar (Shengal) on the 19th day this morning.

The hunger strike, which was declared by the Shengal Diaspora Assemby 19 days ago, is taking place La Trés-Sainte-Trinité Church in Strasbourg.

The Yazidi Shengal Diaspora Assemby has called on the public to come to the church immediately to support the hunger strike.

It has been reported that police are trying to force people out of the church to end the strike.


The European Democratic Societies Congress has called the decision to remove hunger strikers from the church as a political decision.

Police and church officials, who gave permission for the hunger strike, are reported to be asking hunger strikers to vacate the premises.