HDP & DBP executives made statement against seizures in August

08/09/2016 - 14:22 0
28 Kurdish DBP Municipalities Seized: Turkey

Trustees have been appointed to Democratic Regions Party (DBP) municipalities in Diyarbakır's (Amed) Sur and Silvan districts. Another 26 municipalities have also been seized.

Speaking following a meeting with province governors earlier today, Turkey's Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu said, "The state has determined that they [Kurdish municipalities] are supporting terror through local administrations. We have done what is necessary regarding 28 municipalities. We will not step back from this. It's all or nothing, we are going to respond to those who don't comprehend the state's power in a language they understand. They say they won't let us, but we are going to take the necessary steps regarding municipalities supporting terror."

Following a decision by the local governorate, the Municipalities of Sur and Silvan, which were won by the pro-autonomy Kurdish DBP in the local elections in 2014, have been seized and taken under administration.

Silvan district governor Murat Kütük has been appointed to the Silvan district municipality while Sur district governor Dr. Memduh Tura has been appointed to Sur district municipality.

Peoples' Democratic Party Siirt MP Besime Konca criticised the decision on Twitter saying the AKP government was "laying the foundations for a civil war," by seizing 28 municipalities and purging 11,500 Kurdish teachers with alleged ties to the PKK.

Critics have also said that the force used by the government in seizing municipalities is proof that the Turkish state has no legitimacy in the Kurdish region. Dozens of municipalities declared self-rule in 2015 during clashes between state forces and Kurdish militias.

Source: Cumhuriyet

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