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Turkish Soldier Killed in YPG Attack

A Turkish soldier has been killed following a retaliatory attack by Rojava's People's Protection Units (YPG) today.

According to reports the Turkish Armed Forces had been carrying out attacks on the Xanuka military station situated between Dirbêsiyê and Amudê for the past few days and attacked the post today at 18.30 local time.

YPG fighters, who have been refraining from responding to attacks, retaliated according to ANHA News Agency and killed a soldier. The soldier's body was taken from the scene by a tank.

Turkish soldiers had attacked vehicles carrying civilians in the same area on 26 August and opened fire on the same military post, wounding a YPG fighter on 29 August.

This is the first Turkish soldier who has died in a YPG attack. Commentators have said it will complicate the relations between Turkey, Rojavan forces and the anti-ISIS coalition.

Attacks on Kurdish forces and civilians have intensified since Turkey's incursion into Northern Syria/Rojava. 6 civilians have been killed in three different attacks by Turkish soldiers today.

A father and his two sons were killed on the border between Gire Spi (Tal Abyad) and Turkey (Northern Kurdistan) in this morning.

Soldiers opened fire on vehicle on its way to a meeting for Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan and killed Hemze Fenû (24) later in the day.

Ebid Ehmed El-Salih (40) and his daughter Rojin (4) were also killed by Turkish army fire on the border in Serekaniye.

(Photos of victims on the right.)

Source: ANHA