Protestors fight against Turkish soldiers / Twitter

02/09/2016 - 12:22 0
Turkish Soldiers Kill 17 Year-Old Protesting Wall in Kobane

Turkish soldiers have killed a 17 year-old boy in Rojava's Kobane city this morning. Dozens of people have been injured so far in protests against Turkey's building of a wall on Kobane land.

Turkish soldiers fired tear gas canisters and sprayed water on protestors who have been holding vigil at the border to prevent the building of a wall, which they say is aimed at "dividing and suffocating Kurds" in Rojava/Northern Syria. There are also reports of real bullets being used.

Protestors threw stones and refused to move from the area after threats from soldiers. Clashes and attacks are continuing with more than 40 people reported injured.

The identity of the boy who was killed has not been verified.

The attack by Turkish forces comes on the first anniversary of the death of Kurdish baby Alan Kurdi, whose washed up body on the shores of the Mediterranean caused international outrage on the plight of refugees.

Source: Local journalists