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Turkish Airstrikes and Shelling Kills 40 Civilians and Injures Dozens in Jarablus


The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) and several other media outlets have confirmed that Turkish airstrikes and tank shelling has killed at least 20 civilians and injured 50 in the village of Bir/Jubba al-Kusa 13km south of Jarablus.

Update: Death toll reaches 40

Sami Abdul Rahman of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, speaking to France24 news channel and Rojavan journalist Hosheng Hesen on Twitter reported that the death toll in Bir/Jubb al-Kusa has risen to over 40 people. The village was bombed this morning (28 August) by Turkish warplanes and tanks.

Update/Correction: At least 20 civilians were killed and 50 wounded in Turkish artillery fire and air strikes on the village of Jubb al-Kussa early on Sunday, said SOHR.

Another 20 were killed and 25 wounded, many seriously, in Turkish air strikes near the town of Al-Amarneh, it said.

The monitor also said at least four Kurdish fighters had been killed and 15 injured in Turkish bombardment of the two areas.

Source: Yahoo News