17/08/2016 - 12:32 0
Clashes in Hasakah: 14 Assad Regime Soldiers Killed by Rojava Security Forces

Clashes that erupted in Hasakah (Rojava) when Baath regime forces attacked an Asayish (security) forces control point continued into the night. 14 regime soldiers were killed in the clashes while 8 soldiers, 1 of them high-ranking, were wounded.

Reports say the clashes ended due to the efforts of local opinion leaders after 21:00, but continued at various points.

Regime soldiers attacking civilians in Neşwa Şerqî neighborhood during yesterday’s clashes wounded 8 civilians including women and children. 2 Asayish members trying to protect the civilians also lost their lives.

A child named Samî Yasîn Mihêdî (10) was reported to be heavily wounded and under treatment in Wetenî Hospital. Mihêdî’s father said they were waiting in front of their home close to the Şerîa crossing when suddenly his son was covered in blood. The father said his son took a bullet to his head and fell down. Doctors said the child was wounded by a sniper rifle bullet and was in critical condition.

Clashes spread in the area starting from Kaziya Merşo to the central bazaar and between Şerîa crossing and Neşwa Şerqî neighborhood when Asayish forces retaliated against the attacks. Asayish members saved civilians stuck in Neşwa Şerqî neighborhood and central bazaar.

Hasakah Asayish Forces issued calls to the people to stay away from the clash zones and act responsibly.

The names of the wounded civilians are as follows:

Xiklûd Ezîz (35), Telal El-Elî (45) wounded in Neşwa Şerqî neighborhood.

Remezan Ehemed (35), Comerd Xelef (16), Fadî Ebûd (34), Xalid Ebdulfetah Salih (12) wounded in the city bazaar.

Şadî Elî Qedûr wounded in Neşwa neighborhood.

Source: ANHA