Al-Bab Military Council / Özgür Gündem

14/08/2016 - 19:34 0
Military Council Formed for the Liberation of Al-Bab in Rojava

A military council has been formed to liberate Al-Bab in Rojava/Northern Syria from the Islamic State (IS), two days after the liberation of Manbij.

In a press conference this morning, representatives of the 7 groups making up the Al-Bab Military Council, declared the formation of the armed force.

The liberation of Al-Bab, which neighbours Manbij, is seen as the next step in uniting the three cantons of Rojava/Northern Syria Federation. It will also mean the capture of the entire Turkey-Syria/Rojava border from jihadist groups, preventing arms and fighters from crossing between the two states.

Reading the statement Al-Bab Military Council General Commander Cemal Mûsa said:

“The ongoing 5-year crisis in Syria has deepened and become inextricable. The level of savagery in the region is scary and the crisis and violence of regional and international forces has reached such a stage that all of society is targeted and at risk. Despite this, attempts to create national unity also exist.

For several years now our people in Al-Bab and its countryside have been at the mercy of [jihadist] gangs and subjected to all kinds of savagery and suffering. Islamic State, the last in line of these gangs, has, with its inhumane and immoral practices, tried to annihilate the pluralist cultural tissue of the region and its fraternal ties.

We have been struggling for years all across the country against the monist IS and Baath regime. We have gained important experience and skills during this time. Now it has become imperative that we, as the patriotic revolutionary forces of our people, take steps together to free our people by using the experience of the freed Manbij. We are taking another step on the way to making Syria a free, democratic and joint-homeland.

For this reason we are declaring the Al-Bab Military Council. Our council is going to be the true umbrella for the revolutionaries of Al-Bab. We are going to fight within the borders of aA-Bab and liberate these lands from oppression and savagery. Al-Bab is going to become a symbol of the revolution and the foundation for a democratic, free and plural Syria.

This Council is going to create freedom for all the peoples of Al-Bab without discrimination. Our door is open to all battalions, patriots and democrats who wish to fight IS gangs. For this reason we are calling on everyone, especially the young and those displaced, to join our forces in carrying out their responsibilities towards the people and these lands.

We are also appealing to all national democratic forces to support our Council in liberating Al-Bab. Furthermore we are calling on the US-led anti-IS coalition to support us in our struggle.”

The Al-Bab Military Council is formed of the al-Bab Revolutionary Front, Qebasîn Martyrs Brigade, El-Selacîqa Brigade, Bab Countryside Martyrs Battalion, Ehrar Erîma Battalion, Martyr Silo El-Rai Brigade, El-Kiêba Martyrs Brigade