Barack Obama / Free Stock Photo

08/08/2016 - 14:30 0
Obama: Rojava Border to be Liberated

US president Barack Obama has said the border between Syria (Rojava) and Turkey will be liberated from jihadist groups.

Speaking to journalists following a meeting at the US Department of Defence on the fight against Islamic State in Syria, Iraq and Libya, Obama said, “ISIL will inevitably be defeated.”

Pointing out that the jihadi group was losing territory in Syria and Iraq Obama said IS was experiencing tough times and had been shown to be not invincible. Obama also added that with US air-support, local forces would take Mosul and Raqqa back and “liberate the border between Turkey and Syria.”

The US has also initiated aerial attacks against IS in Libya at the beginning of last week, taking the fight to the jihadist group outside Syria and Iraq for the first time.

Meanwhile the liberation of the strategically important Manbij, which connects IS' so-called capital Raqqa to Turkey, is almost complete. Military officials have confirmed that the town centre has been completely liberated but that IS militants are holding civilians as human shields in a few neighbourhoods, thus delaying complete liberation.