02/08/2016 - 16:20 0
British and Slovenian YPG Volunteers Die in Fight Against Islamic State

Two more internationalist volunteers fighting in the ranks of the People's Protection Units (YPG) in Rojava have lost their lives in the fight against jihadist forces.

Dean Carl Evans, nom-de-guerre Givara Rojava, from Reading, England, died on 21 July 2016 in the operation to liberate Manbij from Islamic State (IS/ISIS/Daesh) forces.

Martin Gruden, nom-de-guerre Rodi Çekdar, the first volunteer fighter from Slovenia to lose his life, also died in Manbij on 27 July 2016.

The YPG Media and Communications Centre released a statement about the death of the two internationalist volunteers and commended the bravery of both men.

"We have had many martyrs in our fight for humanity against fascistic and barbaric forces. The YPG's resistance against the barbaric Daesh gangs has echoed around the world attracting internationalist fighters with humane and moral conscientiousness to join YPG ranks. Our two comrades, Martyr Givara Rojava and Martyr Rodi Çekdar fought bravely against the Daesh gangs and fell for humanity.

We promise once again that we will keep alive the memory of these two brave comrades, who watered the garden of freedom with their blood and fight until the last drop of our blood to realise the dreams they resisted for. We send our condolences to the families of our martyrs."

Kurdish activist Mark Campbell, spoke to the Guardian about Evans' death saying: “As I understand it Dean was behind a wall when he was hit by an Isis bullet. A female YPG fighter came over to help him. As she was tending to his wound, an RPG rocket hit the wall and killed them both.”

Campbell also told the Guardian about why the British man had joined the YPG: “Dean had always wanted to join the British Army but was refused because he had asthma. He followed the rise of Isis and had very strong feelings about their barbarity. He wanted to stop them. So when he saw an opportunity to join an army fighting Isis, he joined the YPG.”

It is understood that Dean was brought up for the last 16 years by his stepfather. His mother died in 2011.