Aftermath of Taha Kilic's killing / DIHA

25/07/2016 - 10:25 0
4-Year-Old Kurdish Boy Crushed to Death by Armoured Vehicle "Killed on Purpose"

The body of 4-year-old Taha Kılıç, who was crushed by a police armoured vehicle in Kurdish city Van, was laid to rest today. Speaking at the funeral the little boy’s grandfather Abdulgafur Yıldız said, "They ran him over on purpose. Enough is enough, why are they killing little children?"

Yıldız went onto say that his grandson was run over on a side-road and added: "They ran him over on purpose and didn’t even stop and look back. If it were a main street we could say it was an accident but this is not possible. They drive so recklessly through side-roads, they don’t care about anything."

Yıldız also stated that the family was going to take the perpetrators to court. "We are going to go after this until they are brought to account. Enough is enough, they've killed so many people. What did they want from a little child? Why are they killing children?"

At least 78 children have been killed by Turkish state forces in the past year in the Kurdish region.

According to the Turkish Human Rights Foundation 241 children were killed by state forces between 2004-2015. Other human rights organisations say 477 children have been killed during the AKP-Erdogan administration.

Source: DIHA